Fairy 2 Piece Dress Cardigan Set Woman Casual Long Sleeve Crop Tops


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Fairy 2 Piece Dress Set Woman Casual Long Sleeve Crop Tops


Note:Since manual measurement has certain error, the measurement error of 1-3cm is not the standard for return of goods

Suggestion: Choose the size according to your weight.

Size S   Weight: 40 kg – 45 kg

Size M  Weight: 45 kg – 50 kg

Size L    Weight: 50kg – 55kg

Size XL  Weight: 55 kg – 60 kg

Size Information(Strap dress)

Size S   Bust:68-74cm  Waist:66cm  Shoulder:34cm  Length:100cm    Shoulder strap:37cm(adjustable)

Size M  Bust:70-76cm  Waist:68cm  Shoulder:35cm  Length:101cm  Shoulder strap:37cm(adjustable)

Size L    Bust:72-78cm  Waist:70cm  Shoulder:36cm  Length:102cm  Shoulder strap:37cm(adjustable)

Size XL  Bust:74-80cm  Waist:72cm  Shoulder:37cm  Length:103cm  Shoulder strap:37cm(adjustable)

Size Information(Short sleeve dress)

Size S   Bust:76cm  Waist:72cm  Shoulder:34cm  Length:104cm  Sleeve:19cm

Size M  Bust:80cm  Waist:74cm  Shoulder:35cm  Length:105cm  Sleeve:19.5cm

Size L    Bust:84cm  Waist:76cm  Shoulder:36cm  Length:106cm  Sleeve:20cm

Size XL  Bust:88cm  Waist:78cm  Shoulder:37cm  Length:107cm  Sleeve:20.5cm

Size Inforamtion(Cardigan)

Size S   Bust:72cm   Shoulder:31cm   Length:29cm  Sleeve:54cm

Size M  Bust:74cm   Shoulder:32cm   Length:29.5cm  Sleeve:54.5cm

Size L    Bust:76cm   Shoulder:33cm   Length:30cm  Sleeve:55cm

Size XL  Bust:78cm   Shoulder:34cm   Length:30.5cm  Sleeve:55.5cm


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